About Persuasive Presentations

At Persuasive Presentations, we teach you how to identify exactly what your audience wants and then deliver it in a way that not only feels natural and comfortable but ends with a line of people queuing up for more.

Meet the Team

Dexter Moscow

Dexter MoscowOver the last 40 years Dexter has gained substantial expertise working and coaching at the highest level in Finance, Property, Advertising, Sales, and the Entertainment industries.

His association with Reed International, the Dale Carnegie organisation and his live appearances, presenting and selling £millions worth of products for major brands on QVC The Shopping Channel, informs his unique approach to corporate communication, selling and influencing.

As a business coach, those working 1-2-1 with him attending his presentations and sales courses have gained heightened communication abilities, new insights and increased confidence in ‘selling’, themselves and their business proposition.

“The keys to our personal, financial and company success are in our ability to positively influence others to take the action we require them to take. Today it is not enough to be an expert at what we do we have to be able to engage others with power and impact. We have to be Master Influencers”

Alex Moscow

Alex Profile PicMy experience in PR and content marketing has proven time and again that when you give great information, you attract great clients.

Using this as my mantra, I’ve generated serious amounts of media coverage for the owners, managing directors and senior executives of some of the biggest and fastest growing brands in tech, online and retail.

I believe this kind of knowledge-share is not limited to Media Relations but is now becoming the cornerstone of all successful marketing.

Your prospects are on a daily search for information that can help them overcome their challenges and achieve their goals and will quickly build a bond with those that can offer the insights they need to be successful.

This approach works well via the media but is nothing compared to the success I’m seeing in the live environment.

That’s why I’ve helped set up Persuasive Presentations, an online portal dedicated to helping you get more out of your live presentations.

My aim is to show you how to create powerful presentation content that will enable you to build the trust, credibility and authority needed to attract more customers to your businesses.